Praise for the book

"The book is a very good read—very intuitive for someone who is a veteran of ultramarathons or for those who are attempting their first century distance. I like the breakdown into 100 reasons. During a marathon a person lives through one lifetime, but during an ultra an athlete lives through a few lifetimes. All of us have broken down the ultras by distance markers or time frames. How wonderful to divide the 100km race into 100 reasons (one for every km) in the century race!" 
Nadeem Khan, director of communications, International Association of Ultrarunners   

"I love how Margreet mixes the practical with a more philosophical side of running. The book gets you up to speed in understanding all the benefits endurance sports bring to a person: self-knowledge, discipline, health, confidence and many more. Read the book, run an ultra, and you will be changed forever."
Vinnie Santana, head coach of ironguides

"I have read it from cover to cover and thoroughly enjoyed it!  There’s so many things that resonated with me having questioned my participation in events (even if they’ve reached only half of a 100km)."
Roger Shirt, Squamish Titans running coach and former member of the University of British Columbia cross-country team

"If you’re on the fence about running a 100km, or wondering what your motivation for ultra-running is or should be, Margreet’s book is a must-read. Rather than simply listing reasons, Margreet lays out a beautiful and compelling story on each easy-to-read page. This is a perfect addition to any ultra-running library!" 
Ben Greenfield, owner of (More on Ben here)  

"I like your transparency and honesty. You write with passion and conviction to help readers find courage to run... The book is an easy, inspirational read with helpful information."
—  Writer's Digest

A Hundred Reasons to Run 100km is a funny, inspirational, motivating read that uses the author’s personal experience rather than sterile advice.

Margreet Dietz is a B.C. writer and experienced endurance athlete currently residing in Squamish. The idea for this book was formed as she prepared for her first 100-kilometre race. She has put into writing what most ultra-runners only think about and attempts to answer the question most runners ask themselves at some point during training or racing: why am I doing this again?

Dietz uses personal experience in both her life as a writer and a runner to drive the point home and, like her, I believe there are many parallels between ultra-running and life. In the book, Dietz asks, “How do you know you’re ready to do something you’ve never done before? The only way to really find out is to try.”

The book is written as a list of 100 reasons, one per page, which could easily be referenced any time you are looking for motivation. The stories have a good mix of humour, motivation, practical tips and facts about the local running community.

While running 100 kilometres may not be on everyone’s bucket list, I would recommend this book to anyone with a passion for running longer distances and anyone interested by the prospect of trying an ultra-marathon. As Dietz writes in reason #15: “Because it’ll renew your love for running.”
— Jessica Glowacki for IMPACT Magazine - read the review online here 

"Great little motivator. I won this book on a Goodreads Giveaway and since I finished I have started my journey to run a marathon. 100K is still a ways off but this book is a great inspiration to those who run or want to begin running."
Jason Jones

A Hundred Reasons to Run 100km is on the Huge List of the Best Running Books & Movies on the Runner's World website 

Featured in Ultrarunning World magazine's Feb/March 2011 issue

Preface to A Hundred Reasons to Run 100km

The idea for this book was born 10 days before the start of the Haney to Harrison Ultra, my first attempt at running 100 kilometres. While finalizing my physical preparations, I also wanted to ready myself mentally as best as possible.

At some point, I knew that I'd ask myself why on earth was I trying to run that far? I wanted to have an answer—a good enough reason that would keep me going long enough to find out what it was like to complete a century run. Believing I was ready to try, and feeling excited about the challenge, had been my main rationale to register for the event.

Would that provide me with enough tenacity when I needed it the most? While I didn't expect to look for a reason during each kilometre, I set about translating my 100km drive into words. As the number of reasons and pages increased, the process not only gave me all the determination needed to finish this milestone, it also highlighted how ultrarunning has brought an extra dimension to my running, and the lifestyle I've led since a five-minute jog in 1996.

A Hundred Reasons to Run 100km reflects a personal journey. Other ultrarunners have contributed their motivation. I've also added quotes from some of my favourite books that helped me. I hope this book provides you with encouragement, and reinforces the key reason, to run 100km—because you can.
Margreet Dietz
March 2011

About the book

A Hundred Reasons to Run 100km reflects a personal journey that will strike a chord with anyone intrigued by the prospect of trying an ultramarathon. The idea for this book was born 10 days before author Margreet Dietz did a 100km race. While finalizing her physical preparations, she also wanted to ready herself mentally as best as possible. An experienced 3:07 marathoner and five-time Ironman finisher, she knew endurance athletes ponder the question, Why?, during the most challenging moments in an event. It's good to have an answer. In this book on ultrarunning, you'll find plenty of inspiration, practical tips, and the key reason to run 100km—because you can.

UltraRunning magazine editor Tia Bodington: “There’s something special about 100km. It’s not ‘only 50’ miles, which is eminently do-able if you’re the least bit trained. It’s not the epic 100-mile distance, which carries you through the night and into the next day. Sixty-two miles pushes you over the edge into the realm of philosophy; you have to dig deep to get it done, but you’re still showered and in bed by midnight, to lie there and contemplate what amazing thing you’ve just accomplished.”

Marathon & Beyond magazine editor Richard Benyo: “It is the common ultra-distance to virtually every country that competes in ultras. Of course, in most of the world ultras are contested on the road, and the 100km is a perfect distance, a perfectly rounded number for countries, most of 'em, that use the metric system.”

Professional endurance athlete, coach and 2008 Badwater Ultramarathon finisher Jen Segger: “Choose to race your first 100km in an area that you have always wanted to see and experience. I select races based on location. Prepare properly and you will enjoy the experience that much more. Dedicate yourself to the journey because, honestly, it’s about the whole process—not just the race itself!”

International Association of Ultrarunners' director of communications Nadeem Khan: “The sport that grew from humble beginnings as a distant cousin of the marathon has quickly become a more graduated move for athletes moving up from the 42.2km distance. The combination of varied terrains, distances and challenges has made ultramarathons one of the most attractive disciplines of athletics.”

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